Top Five Excuses to Sneak Outdoors

This week on Patch Picks, we think outside the cubicle.

After record snowfalls and school closings all winter, this rare burst of spring gives everyone spring fever. In celebration of this good weather, we have five excuses for you to sneak out of the office on a gorgeous day.

  1. Before a morning meeting, to pick up a carafe of coffee for the whole office.
  2. Volunteer to pick up lunch for the whole office from any place on Central Avenue or, if they’re feeling picky, all the places on Central Avenue.
  3. Tell your boss you need to go get some drugs to combat your horrible case of spring fever.
  4. If your boss uses the phrase “think outside the box,” suggest that today's meeting be held .
  5. Volunteer to update your office lobby’s ancient magazines by picking up new ones .


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