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The Cinematreasures.org website has this description of the Maplewood Theatre, in the 7100 block of Manchester. It no longer exists.

There was originally a Maplewood Theatre located at 7320 Manchester Road. This later Maplewood Theatre opened in 1926 seating 1,079 as part of the Franchon & Marco chain, later taken over by the Arthur Theatres. The Maplewood Theatre was unique in that the lobby of the theatre was located in Maplewood and the auditorium because of the way it was situated was in the City of St. Louis. The entrance and lobby were on Manchester facing north but when you got into the theatre is was like a semi circle with the auditorium facing the east.

The Maplewood Theatre had a Art Deco front and had apartments built above and along side the entrance (a rather common thing in neighborhood theatres when it was built.) The auditorium was extremely wide with four aisles, two along the walls and two down the middle of the theatre. It had a rather large stage for a neighborhood theatre and occaisionally had stars appear to promote movies. The proscenium was draped with velvet drapes and the side walls were divided into squares with a tapestry material inside each square. Scone lighting adorned each side all square.

The Maplewood Theatre closed in 1979 and sat vacant until 1988 when it was demolished and the auditorium was made into a parking lot for the apartment building. The entrance and lobby was converted into retail.

Lincoln Douglas January 05, 2013 at 12:43 AM
I believe the caption for the first figure should be 1947, and not 1974. The movie being shown came out in '47.


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