Five Alternatives to Hot Dogs in Busch Stadium

We show picky eaters where to get grub at Busch Stadium.

At Thursday's St. Louis Cardinals baseball game? We're honored that you would join us!

OK, so maybe you're stuck at the office dreaming of being outdoors. Not to worry. Consider this a cheat sheet for that time off you've got planned months from now. Get your taste buds revved up with these alternatives to hot dogs at Busch Stadium.

  1. BROADWAY BBQ (Main level, near bleachers) — Instead of a hot dog, get yourself beef brisket, pulled pork or a whole turkey leg.
  2. DIZZY'S DINER (Main level) — Dizzy’s offers a little bit of everything. While you can get a hot dog for the kids, you can also get a veggie burger, garlic fries and a side of peanuts for any non-carnivores who love the Cardinals.
  3. EL BIRDOS CANTINA (Main Level) — While cheering, you can hold a burrito in one hand just as easily as a hot dog. You can also pick up tacos or nachos if you’re craving something crunchy during the game.
  4. TRIPLE PLAY (Loge level) — For the flexiterians who’ve sworn off red meat but still indulge in some chicken, this is the place to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken tenders or some chicken nachos.
  5. CASINO QUEEN PARTY PORCH GRILL - It wouldn’t be St. Louis without toasted ravioli. This is the place to pick up your t-ravs, sliders and pretzel nuggets, making it the undisputed queen of miniature-food vendors in Busch Stadium.


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